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miJAGA (C&C Platform)

miJAGA is a single screen interface acting as a Command & Control Platform. It is the heart and the brain of JAGA’s smart integrated solution. All the security systems at the field are managed by miJAGA over JAGAnet, our proprietary encrypted wireless communication system.

miJAGA is the heart of our system. The C&C platform not only informs you about an intrusion but is the processing tool helping you take the first step to the future. miJAGA is designed to become your single source of information.

miJAGA uses advanced Machine Learning and AI algorithms to continuously evolve with the growing threats around your perimeter. miJAGA secures data and gives analytics based on patterns around your perimeter to help take better, faster decisions. 

miJAGA also holds the capability to bring all other legacy systems onto a single software layer allowing you to control all the existing perimeter protection products. It has the capability to not only become the data layer for our products but also use data from numerous other security products smartly.

miJAGA is a single screen interface acting as a Command & Control Platform. All security systems at field are managed by miJAGA over JAGAnet.

miJAGA is the data layer which uses advanced AI algorithms to make it smarter and think analytically.


It brings to the users a live C&C center with visual and audio interfaces.


It is capable of providing the end user with daily, monthly, weekly and yearly reports along with data analytics for better decision making.

It also has the capability to integrate with any third party security or non-security equipment / systems (such as IP cameras, IR and thermal cameras, other sensor deployments) and use their information to create an even accurate situational awareness.

Compatible with third party legacy systems such as IP Cameras.

Provides advanced analytics for better decision making.

Single control station to handle all security needs.

Uses Machine Learning Algorithms to constantly evolve.


JAGAnet is a wireless encrypted communication system which makes cabling and long installation times, long downtimes a thing of the past.

Operating in free frequency bands to moving onto your ideal frequency requirements, JAGAnet has the capability to optimize the system’s performance to create a wireless network for you.


JAGAnet is an internal part of all the JAGA products and can also be used to help move your existing sensors, cameras and other equipment on to a wireless set up making it more secure and smart.

Secure and encrypted wireless network.

Integration with ...

QRT (Quick Response Tool)

QRT is a quick response tool designed around the needs of the immediate response team. It provides rapid, relevant data for decision making to the person in command for immediate action in the jurisdiction.

It also features saved quick response messages which are immediately sent to neighbouring guard posts and to the Central command station.

External Product Integration : Drone

Recommended for certain hostile territories, we integrate various types of drones to help you get a zoomed out view of your perimeter. The drone reaches any point of intrusion attempt within minutes and help ground forces move ahead with operations faster.

External Product Integration : Rover

Our solutions come with integration capability with smart automated rover to make your perimeters safer. These act as force multipliers to pin point or target and intrusion.

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