Advanced scanner ... provides complete situational awareness

TUAH is an advanced scanner that provides complete situational awareness. It is equipped with either laser or radar technology that allows TUAH to ‘see’ ahead of the perimeter wall to provide “Situational Awareness”. A single unit detects movement upto 800m in 120° band; or upto 50m in 360° radius. 

TUAH uses cutting edge sensing technologies to prevent intrusions as it has the ability to see ahead of the perimeter boundary. With the ability to detect, track and classify objects as threats TUAH provides complete situational awareness to security personnel.

Any movement within range can be detected by a single unit thus serving as an early warning system for the user. With the ability to detect, track and classify objects as threats; it creates Real Time Actionable Intelligence to optimize the decision making process and improve deployment to contain an intrusion incident.

Advanced scanner ... provides complete situational awareness.

Situational Awareness Technology

JAGA Smart Sensor Fusion Technology

All weather all terrain

Modular Design


  • TUAH will establish a Zone of Control (ZoC) at 12-18 inches (user defined) from the wall.

  • ​This provides an Early Warning system for guards to respond before an intrusion occurs.

  • When an intruder enters the ZoC an audio-visual alarm will be raised in Control Room.

  • The real time video footage of the intrusion will provide Visual Verification.

  • The point of intrusion will be highlighted on the map on the miJAGA screen.

  • Signal from laser or radar.

  • Smart Sensor fusion for high accuracy and low nuisance and false alarm.

  • 360° detection; with no moving parts.

  • Intruder detection and tracking to provide Early Warning of Intrusion.

  • Classification based on shape and size.

  • Movement tracking throughout secured area.

  • Coordinate generation to guide PTZ cameras and Smart Flood Lights.

  • Option to create Exclusion Zones for no alarms.

  • Option to create Warning Zones for immediate alarm output

User Interface : Live Tracking

Jaga Systems is based on volumetric detection instead of perimetric detection.  Many security systems are based on sensors, infrared walls or microwave barriers that will only protect the fence area for example.  Our system will secure the whole area not just the perimeter.  We are able to track the intruder the entire time.  

Displays critical information for quick action​.

Single control station to handle all security needs.

Simple and robust design.

Compatible with third party legacy systems such as IP Cameras.

Provides advanced analytics for better decision making.

Uses Machine Learning Algorithms to constantly evolve.

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