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Auto dealer yard

JAGA - case study - Auto dealer
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2 mile perimeter protected by 4 Jaga radars and 3 PTZ cameras. Replacing 40 VMD fixed cameras.

Cost effective with reduced cost of ownership. Performance in all weather and lighting conditions.

Farm protection

JAGA - case study - Farm protection
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Farm house protected from robbery and vandalism. 4 Jaga radars, integrated with PTZ cameras. Replacing 25 cameras around the perimeter. Automatically cued to radar's detection.

Port perimeter

JAGA - case study - Port perimeter
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Ports are a vital hub for global freight transfer. One challenge for ports is implementing a site protection solution that safeguards facility infrastructure without having an adverse effect on the flow of cargo.

New perimeter detection system solves the facility's main concerns ... terrorist breach and cargo loss. If anyone chooses to climb on the fence, the intruder could be detected. A cost-effective solution for detecting intrusions along a lengthy perimeter; reducing hardware requirements and simplifying assessment.

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