Perimeter & Border Security Solutions

Laser, Radar & Infrared Powered Intrusion Alert Systems

We are a disruptive perimeter & border security company.
Developing intrusion detection systems that implement the latest technologies and designs at a fraction of the costs.

Jaga Systems solution is an advanced scanner that provides complete situational awareness; with volumetric detection. It is equipped with laser (LiDAR) and radar; using cutting edge sensing technologies to prevent intrusions. Single unit detects movement up to 1,000m in 120° band; or up to 100m in 360° radius.

Any movement within range can be detected by a single unit thus serving as an early warning system for the user. With the ability to detect, track and classify objects as threats; it creates Real Time Actionable Intelligence to optimize the decision making process and improve deployment to contain an intrusion incident.

In typical solution, the alarm is only on the outer perimeter. Any movement inside the perimeter is not monitored. What happens when an intruder makes it through the outer perimeter? Do you know where the intruder goes? We enable monitoring both outside and within designated perimeter.

With Jaga Systems solution, you have a map that simulates the real environment. With the use of our alarm zones and laser/radar, you are able to track the intruder the entire time. Incidents are prevent before they happen.

Sensors (radar or LiDAR) detects and tracks intruders all the time. It enables advanced warning over entire area that is covered.

With miJAGA software, sensor directs PTZ camera to where intruder is detected. This provides continuous monitoring of any incident without requiring operator input. Seamless integration leading VMS platform.


Guards can monitor and track potential intruders from a single location. This can also be viewed from a remote location. Images and activities inside and outside of the premises can be relayed to the security services.

Effective in all weather and light conditions. Sensors are unaffected by environmental conditions such as rain, snow, sunlight, smoke and fog.

Being able to rapidly deploy a high-performance intruder detection sensor is a field force multiplier; significantly enhancing personnel safety, and dramatically improving situational awareness ... exceptional performance in a low cost, size, weight, and powerful kit.

Simple installation with low cost of maintenance. Very low power consumption. Low weight. PoE connection, no moving parts and wide coverage in azimuth and elevation. Easy installation & high reliability – reducing installation and maintenance costs as well as the potential for user error. Built-in tracker enable wireless, solar powered installation.

Jaga Systems is based on volumetric detection instead of perimetric detection.  Many security systems are based on sensors, infrared walls or microwave barriers that will only protect the fence area for example.  Our system will secure the whole area; not just the perimeter.  We are able to track the intruder the entire time.  


  • High detection probability.

  • Low false alarm ratio.

  • Minimum installation time with minimum maintenance costs - reducing potential for user error.

  • Secured encrypted communication system.

  • Any weather conditions.

  • Any lighting conditions.

  • Integrated with third party solutions.

  • Low power consumption.

  • Manage everything from multiple sites on a single client interface.


  • Securing high security establishments & perimeters in hostile territories.

  • Securing airport perimeters.

  • Securing agricultural lands.

  • Securing commercial and industrial areas.

  • Securing power/nuclear plants.

  • Securing storage facilities, warehouses etc.

  • ... and more.

Quick & low cost deployment with minimal infrastructure.

Designed to operate in all weather and across all terrain.

Multi Layered Sensor Architecture that increases detection and decreases false positive (3/10).

Our products are developed and manufactured by our in-house technical team.

Hands off operation and highly customizable.

Seamless integration with 3rd party products.

Solution Overview

We develop Intrusion Detection Systems implementing the latest designs and state-of-the-art technology.

We provide the best of class products at a fraction of the cost of other leading product.

We build systems that ensure seamless integration and operation.

Perimeter & border intruder detection system to help border personnel, security agencies, warehouses, IT Parks, housing estates and others; that works using latest technology and designs at a fraction of the costs.

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