Invisible Fence ... simplicity of solution

​Our solution - called TAMING - comprises poles fitted with lasers and infrared-based sensors to detect any intrusion between them. The poles are placed 150m apart. The system consists of a Transmitter and a Receiver unit; which are constantly talking to each other through data sharing. If an intruder “breaks” the invisible beam; an alarm is triggered.

Whenever an intrusion is attempted across your perimeter, the communication and the data sharing between the 2 poles gets disrupted and a pulse is sent to miJAGA - the C&C Platform - over our encrypted wireless communication network called the JAGAnet.


The system constantly evolves using Machine Learning to reduce false positives and become smarter. Hence, assisting with threat analysis of your perimeter.

Our solution is developed to help you know when someone tries to intrude your jurisdiction. Enabled with multiple sensors, it is an ideal end-to-end solution for securing any perimeter from borders to airports. Our solution assures minimum false positives. With minimum installation time and 100% wireless set-up, it is the first step to automation of perimeter security.

Build-in algorithm is able to detect if it is a human or an animal. Even if the intruder is crawling.

The solution is designed for use in harsh environments; high detection accuracy in all weather conditions. It uses the latest technology which increases the detection sensitivity and reduces nuisance alarms. All signals are digitally processed - with proprietary algorithms - which gives maximum detection performance with an extremely low false alarm rate. This ensures a very high security standard is achieved.

Jaga Systems has designed “security communication” that changes randomly over arbitrary time period; so that hacking won’t do much good.

Jaga’s Perimeter Intrusion Detection Platform combines various sensors and communication systems designed to be deployed at large scale perimeters such as international borders, sensitive facilities, and crucial infrastructures and act as the first line of detection. The uniqueness of Jaga’s Laser Wall is the ability to not only generate a binary alerts, but rather generate Situational Awareness and create Real Time Actionable Intelligence to optimize the decision making process and improve deployment to contain an intrusion incident.

Profile of TAMING
(Transmitter & Receiver)

Low False Alarm Ratio

High detection

Integrated with Camera
providing 24x7
monitoring solution.

Bi-Static dual
technology with IR and
Microwave sensors.

TAMING Series : Laser and Infrared Walls

Smart detection capabilities using IR and Laser beams.

Hack proof and less prone to spoofing.

Smart receivers and communication.

Full scale hassle free intrusion detection.

Can differentiate between man and animals.

Available in multiple forms and shapes to fulfill intrusion in multiple layers.

TAMING Series products

TAx S – Smart
(Better – Smarter – Faster)

  • Powered with Laser and IR beams

  • Effective Maximum Range: 150m

  • ​Unit Height: 7 feet

  • 220V AC single phase Supply

TAx C – Compact
(Compact – Nimble – Automatic)

  • Powered with Laser and IR beams

  • Effective Maximum Range: 100m

  • Unit Height: 4 feet

  • 220V AC single phase Supply

TAx T – Temporary
(Plug and Play)

  • Handy for moving perimeters & temporary perimeter securing

  • Powered with Laser and IR beams

  • Effective Maximum Range: 100m

  • Unit Height: 7 feet

  • 220V AC single phase Supply

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