Cost Advantage of Jaga Radars

Jaga advance radars provides up-to-date perimeter protection solutions to monitor critical areas ... with low cost of ownership. Jaga radars detects intrusion in all weather and all lighting conditions with a minimal false alarm rate. Having detection ranges of up to 1000 meters, covering up to 180 acres with a single radar.

JASS software solution is fully automated for managing radars and PTZ cameras. Upon detection of intrusion, JASS automatically slew-to-cue a PTZ camera to focus and continuously track the intruder. JASS sends alert to the VMS to display real-time video for target verification. Seamless integration with most of the major PSIM and VMS software; for an end-to-end solution.

Jaga Systems Solution

Conventional Solution

A fraction of the sensor number is required due to superior detection performance & coverage.

All Weather & All Lighting Operation

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