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Rapid Deployment Surveillance Kit
quick setup & operation

Being able to rapidly deploy a high-performance intruder detection sensor is a field force multiplier; significantly enhancing personnel safety, and dramatically improving situational awareness ... exceptional performance in a low cost, size, weight, and powerful kit.

Built for protective agent, field agents, surveillance team, reconnaissance squad and security personnel charged with temporarily or intermittently securing perimeters. Weighing under 12 kg, the kit is extremely portable and enables surveillance in the most remote or faraway locations. Also for securing critical infrastructure perimeters, remote surveillance and temporary events.

Portable, fully-functional rapid deployment kit can operate continuously with recharge capability. It has all the components necessary to rapidly setup and conduct surveillance of large area. Intuitive interface with sturdy hardware. Wired or wireless communications enables the operator to easily setup the kit.

Rapid Deployment Surveillance Kit  - quick setup & operation
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  • System has the capability to not just ‘detect’ but also ‘classify’ and ‘track’ threats around perimeters.

  • Effectiveness: Acts as an early warning system for law enforcement, allowing faster response time.

  • Intuitive UI software.

  • Efficiency: Delivers real-time intelligence information to front-line law enforcers, enabling them to quickly and efficiently deploy the exact resources needed to alert zones.

  • Non-intrusive: Provides superior security capability in a minimally invasive manner that does not intrude on private lands or create an eyesore or disruption to the environment.

  • Lightweight, silent, smooth and easy operation.

  • Ability to consolidate information into a single command centre display eliminates the need for security personnel to access multiple, independent bespoke systems to obtain the information they require.

  • Large enough to get the job done yet small enough to be easily transported.

  • Wired and optional wireless connectivity.

  • Unit weigh less than 12 kg.

Rapid Deployment Surveillance Kit  - quick setup & operation
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