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Enhanced Perimeter Security For Solar Farms

Radar Based Intrusion Detection System

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Solar farm security system needs to be reliable, low maintenance, affordable and the most important have high detection capability. JAGA radars are cost effective. Low weight, low power consumption, and low required bandwidth are other distinguishing features of JAGA radars. Suitable for intruder detection at solar farms. Ideal for faster ROI.

JAGA radars are integrated with leading VMS solution. Hence PTZ work seamlessly with the radars. When an intruder is detected an audible notification is provided to the security team, which avoids the need for operators to monitor screens constantly. The relevant PTZ camera assigned to the radar unit which first detected the intruder will then automatically track their subsequent movements, thereby enabling the security team to move quickly and intercept the person. 

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Superior Performance
With a high level of power efficiency, on-board signaling and processing, and superior performance in all weather and lighting conditions, JAGA Radar Detection is a site solution that ensures 24/7 perimeter security coverage for sites of all sizes. Using its slew-to-cue capabilities, the radar can point pan /tilt /zoom (PTZ) cameras to a targeted location for improved surveillance. The radars are available with 250, 500 and 1,000-meter range sensors. Detecting human, animals, vehicle, drone and more.

Low-cost Perimeter Security Solution Improves Surveillance
An ideal answer for advanced perimeter security needs, JAGA Radar Detection offers quicker detection of breaches for areas requiring upgraded perimeter safety, such as solar parks, power plants and critical infrastructure. JAGA Radar Detection is an end-to-end site solution providing a cost effective integration with existing video management systems (VMS).


Easy Installation
JAGA Radar Detection has low power consumption, PoE connection, no moving parts and wide coverage in azimuth and elevation which makes it simple to install, cost-effective and highly reliable. Keeping installation and maintenance costs low, as well as reducing the potential for user error, makes this an ideal choice for any size application. This device also has a built-in tracker.

Volumetric Detection
Our radar solution is based on volumetric detection instead of perimetric detection. Many security systems only protect the fence area; for example. Solution secures whole area not just perimeter. Able to track the intruder the entire time. Targets can be detected and tracked within and outside the compound … allowing for fast intervention and minimal disruption. Surveillance both inside and outside of the perimeter.

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  • All-weather, all-terrain … fog, snow, rain, sand and dust storms

  • Complex or cluttered environments 

  • All levels of light, from darkness to sun glare

  • Auto PTZ slew-to-cue to point pan/ tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras to a targeted location

  • Easy installation with less hardware and integrates with various VMS platforms

  • Web based radar control interface with built-in mapping engine

  • Integrated video analytics target classification

  • Advanced masking/geo fencing capabilities

  • Extreme power efficiency at less than 5w

  • Multi site, fully unattended operation

  • Mobile device operation and pairing

  • Easy setup and installation

  • Unlimited number of sensors

  • Adverse temperatures

  • Low false alarm rate

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