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Introduction to radar based intrusion detection system

Integration with VMS (video management system)

JAGA Systems radars can be quickly and seamlessly be integrated with leading VMS, PSIM and C4I systems by using our SDK.

All activities can be monitored from JASS. JASS (JAGA Area Surveillance Software) Control Suite software can be quickly, easily, and efficiently integrated with a variety of video management systems. This allows for easy sensor integration with PTZ camera Slew-to-Cue capabilities.

JASS is a fully automated system that handles, controls, monitors, and logs intrusion alerts, based on input from multiple sensors, including ground surveillance radars and PTZ cameras. Easily set up and installed with a set-up wizard and installer app, areas of coverage can be precisely defined, thus enabling a significant reduction in false alarms. The software can be integrated with a wide range of VMS, including Milestone, Avigilon, Exacq, Qognify, Flir Latitude, Genetec, Digifort and more. It enables fully unattended operation.

Features include automatic PTZ Slew-to-Cue plug and play, integrated video analytics target classification for minimal FAR, advanced masking/GEO fencing capabilities, and mobile device operation. JASS supports an unlimited number of sensors including ground surveillance radars, PTZ cameras, and smart fence detection sensors. The web based interface allows the user to view the protected site from any device with internet access including PC, laptop, tablet and mobile-devices. It enables fully unattended operation with multi-site capabilities.

JAGA Systems radars have Ethernet interface and connect via Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3at) supporting UDP protocol for a quick and easy seamless integration with existing Control software, PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) or VMS. By using JAGA area surveillance suite the user can receive live updates of detection and target tracks. The main advantage being easily integrated with Day/Night PTZ cameras for auto camera cueing; and quickly and seamlessly integrating with existing VMS, PSIM and C4I systems

Once the target has been detected by the radar, the target's track appears on the map; and the PTZ camera is automatically and continuously cued to the target's position in 3D (pan, tilt and zoom). The control software decides based on smart algorithms on which camera to cue to each detection and switches between multiple simultaneous detection.

JAGA Integration : Avigilon1

JAGA Integration : Avigilon1

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